Helping Improve the Lives of People and Organizations with Data

The data, organizations and individuals initiative

Designed to help improve the lives of people and organizations with data. 


Open and collaborative ecosystem of organizations, technology partners and experts in the field of people, coaches, therapists, trainers with a common purpose

Data and Analytics

We define a customized roadmap adapted to the user based on the information provided and the platform's automatic learning. 


We use open source platforms such as WordPress and Moodle, with open APIs to be able to incorporate new elements and develop those that the community needs.


We incorporate recognized experts in the different fields that we will deal with people in a holistic way to make the best accompaniment to personalized success with data. 

Training and content platform

Initially we have selected for the training contents for people, employees, students... the Moodle platform, a web and mobile accessible open source platform with gamification possibilities and APIs for integration, as well as advanced analytics to analyze the use of the platform by the students to improve contents and itineraries.