Data and People

Helping to improve people's lives with data

Helping Organizations and Individuals Improve through Data

We support organizations in their Data and People strategy.

And to people in their self-knowledge and to advance in the different areas of their lives, well-being and happiness, emotional intelligence, business in values.

Data Strategy

We accompany the company in its Data and People strategy, to improve the income statement, the value of the company and the well-being of the people.

Health and Wellness Observatory

Welfare and Health data from different public and private sources in Spain, EU and World to present graphically in Dashboard and Opendata for all Stakeholders.

Health and Wellness App

You will reduce stress, anxiety and depression, while exploring your personality, leading a more satisfying and balanced life.

Personal Roadmap

We prepare a personalized roadmap for each user in the different personal and professional areas, measuring success and how to achieve it in all areas of improvement. 

Take care of yourself, it is the most important thing every day.

The first step is physical health and for this sport is fundamental, from the acceptance and love of oneself.

Then the Mental and Emotional Health, which holds you back to be happy and be in inner peace every day. It can be stress, anxiety, guilt, anger, grief, attachment, fear, illness, loss... All these states that we have also gone through can be worked on in a preventive way that allows us not to get sick.

This initiative seeks to respond and we work collaboratively with other organizations in order to provide the best response to individuals and organizations to improve their results as individuals and companies.

Our Programs

We have prepared programs tailored to organizations and individuals based on experience. Personalized for each employee based on the data they provide us and their areas of interest. With recommendations based on usage and personal profile. 

The information is for us something very sensitive, of the user and totally confidential, private and secured. It belongs to the person and is available to him even if he changes organization, his data travels with him.

We also hope to create a Personal Data space where the user can have their personal information, information from their devices that collect information such as smartwatches and apps, other devices such as digital scales, blood pressure monitors, with the sole purpose of being able to give them the best personalized roadmap.



Working on the 2030 Goals


We will be happy to send you weekly information that may be helpful to you and the people in your organization.