Helping Improve the Lives of People and Organizations with Data

Ecosystem of Organizations to be able to respond to this impact initiative.

We are currently in contact with public and private organizations with which we can establish a collaboration framework for the different initiatives from the app for employees, citizens and neighbors, the observatory and the training roadmaps.

We are already collaborating with some organizations such as:

- Las Rozas City Hall where we are in the Incubator - Incuba Las Rozas

- Microsoft has given us access to Microsoft for Startups and provides us with resources and access to experts for the design and development of the platform. 

- IESE which gives us access to the Business Angels network and the entrepreneurship ecosystem as well as mentors.

- ONCE Guide Dog Foundation, with whom we have been working for more than 10 years.

- UPM Industriales, Informática and CEDINT with whom we are going to work on the R&D part of Algorithms and AI and Welfare Engineering. 

- APD with its ecosystem of executives and companies to work on wellbeing

- ATA Asociación de Autónomos, we are looking at how to improve the lives of 600,000 self-employed people.

- Hiberus Booster is our technological partner in the design and development of the APP and Web platform.

- Kodama Analytics who are partners of Datadreams stage experts in Data& Analytics and Bigdata.

- DAMA Spain the largest community of Data experts in Spain where we have created a working group on Data and People.

-Banco Santander and Banco Sabadell are our banks with whom we share our vision of a company with impact.

- Madrid College of Industrial Engineers that allows us to share this way of looking at leadership in organizations with our colleagues.

-We are seeing with several mutuals the impact that the initiative can have on reducing absenteeism in organizations, a growing problem.

- And to all the other organizations and people who are encouraging us to continue and we are seeing what we can contribute, but it has been very interesting and enriching from the first interaction.