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  • In this process of creating a company we meet people with often wonderful ideas but with a lack of knowledge in some key areas for an entrepreneur.
  • In this path, in my case I already started in 2016 with DataDreams a startup dedicated to provide Bigdata services to Organizations, but I did not know other very important topics for an entrepreneur such as the partners agreement, how to make investment rounds, the business plan and the part of the financial projections or the Deck for investors or the Data Room.
  • Currently I recommend anyone who is going to start a business to look for a good incubator where they will be trained in all these issues, they will be mentored and this support will be very important for the success of their project.
  • Additionally, we have found that very few projects and startups are born with a good Data strategy, which for me is a DataDriven Startup. 

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  • Which points are important for a DataDriven Startup:
  • Define metrics from the beginning both from the commercial, marketing, financial and market side.
  • Try to link these metrics to the business plan and growth scenarios, which will allow us to see compliance.  
  • In the case of an App or platform, include in the design the way in which the use of the app or web will be measured and everything that is relevant to the business.
  • To have a Dashboard of the company with the main KPIs, their evolution, objectives and if possible a forecast. 
  • This Dashboard can be only for the management team, for Investors and even for employees and collaborators, of course adjusting the access that each of them has. This tool is very powerful because it aligns the entire organization and stakeholders with the project.
  • It is important to be able to know the value of the organization's data.
  • It is important to know the market for this purpose companies such as Informa or Datacentric have very good databases accessible by API that allow us to enrich the data of our CRM or other systems. 
  • It is important to know the open data furntes in our sector, which is very valuable information for many companies.   

Resources for DataDriven Startups

Here I will incorporate links that I consider relevant for companies that want to go down this path of being DataDriven and be able to see the impact it has on their bottom line, company value and people.